Crowdfund Investing – US JOBS Act clears way

It’s bad enough that Kickstarter is only available to Americans (at least we can use ) but now the US government is passing legislation that will make it legal to for donaters to be investors!

Check out a good article from Time Business . Although those rather greedy investment bankers should brace themselves for an upset it isn’t going to be all roses and stock options. There’s going to be a lot of important legal work and filings required. With many more investors there’s potential for many more disgruntled investors potentially launching lawsuits. 

As lame as the JoBS, or Jumpstart our Business Start Ups, acronym is, this is a true ‘game changer’ for business as we know it (and I hate using the term gamechanger!).

Did I mention that this is already happening in the UK with CrowdCube and others.

Come on Canada! Isn’t our legal system is based on the British? Can’t we make this happen here? Alas, we’ll probably just follow the US, just slower and lamer.