Golden Circle coming to a Boardroom near you

We’re seeing ‘The Golden Circle‘ (by Simon Senik) show up at meetings. The good news is that the C-level are discovering that their customers (internal and external) want to know more, the want a reason why they’d be a big or small part of your brand.

The short version is getting past “What”, through “How” to the root reason “Why”. This isn’t new. Maslow hierarchy of needs gives a clue that everyone wants to know have a reason, a “why”. Certainly this is old news in organizational design, but is now coming up in brand strategy meetings we’re in.

Unfortunately we’re seeing consultancies key in only on the why. You can’t have a credible reason without foundation of the what and the how. These need to be the proof points of the ‘why’. ¬†Without all them aligned, coherent, connected, well, it’s a lie and everyone will know.