Lytro : Is this camera good enough to become the next big thing?

Let’s put Lytro down in the “innovation does not necessarily mean adoption”¬†category. The ‘light field’ camera enables user to forget about focussing because every point will be in focus such that you can adjust foreground, background, depth of field and they say even instant 3D with the benefit of hindsight.

Is this something that humans will want?

Lytro Logo

Perhaps it will mark the progression to all photos involving some sort of digital manipulation after the initial exposure. The nostalgia of capturing a moment in time through film that cannot be altered, is just nostalgia anyway (eg Ansel Adams was famous for developing his own prints to enhance the dramatic lighting). 

Will we embrace this hyper resolution like the ‘enhance’ feature in many a sci fi tale (Blade Runner being my favorite). Many good reasons that this is better than what we currently use, but that doesn’t mean it will become the new platform.

While we wait and see check out their branding strategy, it’s top notch fun, style and smarts.