“Advertising is Dead”…let’s start a movement

Saatchi & Saatchi CEO says so…and we’re stoked to hear news like this more often. The famous quote “I know that I waste half my advertising budget…I just don’t know which half” still holds true. Certainly for traditional print and tv, however with digital media there is opportunity to better track some of the waste.

If we are to believe “the medium is the message” then perhaps it’s all wasted the second it’s interpreted as advertising.

So, time to figure out what good you and your brand can contribute to the world. For boomers that are retiring and questioning their impact, for millennials emerging and questing for meaningful work, for everyone in between, people want what they support with their dollars to have positive purpose and impact.

The role of the corporation once was to increase shareholder value. Today it might be to align and support shareholder and customer values, while creating that value. It can be a virtuous cycle.

“You can’t do good business anymore with out doing good” (i/a/a, 2008)