Business Strategy and Sports Metaphors

I’m very interested in the strategy of business as well as the strategy of sports. The similarities come easily, often too easily (thankfully that there are less references to military strategy these days). 

The most intriguing sports performance research is the famous study of basketball free throw practice. The simple summary is that people who invested in visualizing were more successful than those who put in the same time actually practicing. This is only timely because I am working hard on my tennis game and although I am putting the time in on my serve, I’ve been investigating some coaching. 

Turns out Tennis, and loads of other sports, are commonly paired with business strategy and leadership. I’m starting with ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ perhaps the tome on the subject, and now updated to include business references.

I’ll keep you posted on how my serve and business acumen progress. 

the Inner Game of Work (based on the Tennis book!)