Peyton Manning knows the value of WOM

Lots of discussion about the ‘value’ of WOM (Word of Mouth) after Mr.Manning dropped how thirsty he was for a macrobrew, twice. The initial brand value was first pegged at about 3.6M . Our quick estimate was that if a 30 second commerical was 50M then this plug had to be in excess of that.  But the more we talk about it the more it inflates.

Raving fans are going to talk about your brand unsolicited. The world has never been more savvy so if you’re soliciting them, the world is going to find out. Hiding that will only result in a backlash. Everyone was quick to investigate what the connection to Manning was and the value increased for Macrobrew since he was not on the payroll (well, not directly he may own some distributorships).

Funny to watch brands try to curry favour with people (and their personal brands). Social media makes it easy to screen for ‘klout’ , followers, influencers and all that. Unless your product is social media then this is only a proxy for who you think are the true influencers.

There aren’t a lot of Peyton Manning’s out there. There are a whole world of true passionate brand ambassadors. They generate that positive word of mouth. They probably don’t use social media much because their real people living in the real world and not into ‘word of type’ or more accurately ‘word of hype’. Weak sauce.

Worse still is when those brand ambassadors jump ship. Then you’ve got negative word of mouth. And it’s not Peyton Manning at a media scrum, it’s all the other comments. You’re lucky if it’s on social media because at least you can listen, possibly ameliorate the situation but it’s just a proxy, a fiction.

The most important conversations you won’t hear. Those are the real ones between real people in real life and result in real changes to your brand.