Core Branding in 30 seconds

From a live presentation to an international CPG (consumer packaged goods), here are the 3 principles of ‘Core Branding’ in just 21 seconds

Here there are again (from an earlier post

1. You can only be what you are : so figure it out, and be the best you can be!

2. Action speaks louder than words : Do! Do things, don’t waste your time telling people, let others talk about what you do.

3. If you’re not something, you’re nothing : it’s a crowded marketplace out there and any first mover advantage is quickly eroded. Figure out who you are and live it in all aspects of your brand.

Want to take it the next level? Take your ‘Core branding’ and evolve into to ‘Soul Branding’ by applying this forth principle “You can’t do good business anymore without first doing good!”

More on this soon!