AR is getting EZ

Augmented Reality (AR) may still be mainly known by those interested in technology but several high profile campaigns by Tissot, BMW and my personal favorite O’Neill (Hyperfreak surf game, but can’t find where they put the game now) have helped move this to the main stream. 

A milestone in making AR not just a novelty is the new Layar Vision. Platform, not product, Layar Vision enables almost any graphic element to become the AR Marker. Better still, they have an open API so people are building apps the make it even easier. 

Daqri is one of the first we found. As QR codes have now become mainstream, they cleverly use these to direct users to online information and use it as a marker. They let us test out their paid version that has the bells and whistles we wanted for an architecture project. Here it is coming to life from the QR code in my notebook. 

if you want to try it yourself, here’s the QR code. Just scan it as you would any code. You will be prompted to get the free Daqri viewer and presto!