“Core” branding aka making life long connections

We call it ‘core’. This what great brands do, sometimes even without knowing it. These are brands that we proudly feel a part of, the ones we find ourselves telling stories about, the ones we’ll impulsively buy unlike any other. We trust them. They get us.

We’ve distilled a few lessons from our favorite core brands.

1. You can only be what you are : so figure it out, and be the best you can be!

2. Action speaks louder than words : Do! Do things, don’t waste your time telling people, let others talk about what you do.

3. If you’re not something, you’re nothing : it’s a crowded marketplace out there and any first mover advantage is quickly eroded. Figure out who you are and live it in all aspects of your brand.

This is true for brands but true for humans as well, in fact we often find ourselves framing this exercise around human characteristics, interests, pursuits, etc.. From that we build out strategies, engagements, identities and all manner of fun things.

Core is great but the next level is ‘Soul Branding’. That is when you decide on the positive impact that you are contributing to the world and focus your efforts on achieving that through your brand. Now that is something that establishes long term committed supporters!

More on Soul Branding soon!