“Don’t buy new gear”, says Patagonia

Patagonia is not like other manufacturers of consumer goods. Beyond providing exceptional products, they live their principles, heck they even prove that new models can flourish. With their latest “Buy Less, Buy Used” campaign, conspicuously launched during fashion week, they are new telling folks to NOT buy their gear, instead buy used gear. A partnership with Ebay is even driving customers away from their ecommerce site!

With their loyal following earned through decades of quality and integrity, they might be one of the few brands that could pull off such a move. For those that can’t afford retail, they have probably been buying second hand gear for years. When these folks move to the income bracket that enables them to purchase new retail, at luxury good prices, then they will definitely be buying Patagonia. What is interesting is if Patagonia makes it even cooler to buy that product second hand. 

It reminds me off the amazing Frank Zappa commercial when he was approached by mega corp GE to pitch hydro electricity. He told GE that he would only ever tell people to use less of their services and GE said great. 

Once again, doing good, is part of doing good business. Nice one Patagonia.