Innovation Story – Exit strategy built in!

Several years ago a friend ‘leaked’ some details about a novel brick making system that was in development. He couldn’t tell me much beyond the IP was being filed and the prototype worked. 

Fast forward 5 years and I happen to run into that friend. After catching up on everything else I asked about this invention. A big smile crossed his face and he went for his phone to show me details. (great URL eh!) shows how dirt dug up on site is filtered, then mixed with a small (3:1 ratio) of water and cement before vibrated and cured under pressure. What comes out is like brick of butter and it can be worked before it sets up rock solid. 

Not only did they lock up the Patent and have functional models, they had targetted customers for their exit strategy. Who would this be most valuable too? Developing regions? Highway barrier builders? 

Well, they thought of all that beforehand. I won’t say who just yet but I believe the offer that was on the table last week was in the range of 20 million dollars. They are going to entertain other offers!

Quick bricks on the drying racks