Startup Weekend Vancouver

The StartUp Vancouver Weekend was impressive not only because it did what is claimed, create new ventures in 54 hours with teams of programmers, designers and business types, but also because the loose structure fostered ideas and connections. 

Although I volunteered to help with the organization team, I ended up being inspired into action from all the incredible people I met in the first hour. As the weekend progressed I got contribute a brand identity along with business design and ‘go to market’ strategy. 

Time will tell if any of the ideas are the next Twitter (I doubt that) but certainly the exercise is practice for when somebody conceptualizes the next twitter.

Technically the winner was ‘’. This idea definitely relieves a human pain point in finding suitable candidates for baby sitting, elder care and other services. Like many great ideas, it has established competition but the space is open for the ‘winner take most’. My small beef is that this wasn’t a true StartUp as the ‘founder’ stated that they already had some development and funding. Still, I doubt it would have progressed without the help of the new team that made it all happen in 54 hours. Congrats to all!